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Pages from Phase III data recovery (18 FR 575) 

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Many Tanneries were in Frederick in 1887 - Birely Tannery only one left..

The 1887 Sanborn Map's Index lists 4 Tanneries in Downtown Frederick.

Bantz Tannery - GONE - stood on Brewers Alley, Carroll Creek was moved and now flows where the Tannery Building once stood.

Geo. K. Birely Tannery - one building remains.

Brown and McKinney Tannery - GONE - stood on corner of Carroll Creek and S. Market.  

NIxdorff and Brokeys Tannery - GONE - stood about where the Frederick County Library is.

Birely Tannery presents

A Significant Industrial


The City Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) determined the Birely Tannery and Birely Tannery Archaeological Site to contributing resources of unusual importance to the Frederick Historic District.  This is significant given that the HPC has never made such a designation before. 

Also of significance the Maryland Historical Trust determined the Birely Tannery and Birely Tannery Archaeological Site eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   The Maryland Historical Trust states, in part: "The Birely Tannery site . . . constitutes the sole tannery site in Maryland that has been professionally investigated at the Phase II and III level and found to yield substantive and comprehensive information regarding this important industry throughout the 19th - mid 20th c. This site warrants careful consideration and treatment in planning for this potential project."

As Preservation Maryland identified the Birely Tannery on its 2014 Endangered Maryland list, at this point, two statewide preservation organizations (Maryland Historical Trust and Preservation Maryland) have deemed the Tannery Building worthy of preservation.​  

​Further, Frederick Magazine identified the Birely Tannery on its Most Endangered List in 2012.