Frederick Historic District

​The Frederick Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and the boundaries were expanded in 1988.

The Frederick Historic District is locally significant for its role as the seat of Frederick County and as a regional market and industrial center in Maryland's Piedmont region from the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

The Frederick Historic District and Indvidual Historic Preservation Overlays are significant for their architecture, which exhibit the range of styles that characterize the mid-Atlantic region from Colonial, Federal, and Greek Revival, through Italianate, Romanesque, and Queen Anne to the Colonial and Spanish Revivals of the early twentieth century.

The Period of Signicance for the Frederick Historic District is 1745 - 1941.

Properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places receive a degree of protection from federally licensed or funded projects that might adversely affect them. 

Properties designated by the City of Frederick, including the Frederick Town Historic District, are subject to additional regulations. Please contact the City's Planning Department at
301-600-1499 for more information, or see our Resources page to find the Historic District Guidelines.
In the City of Frederick much of our success as an economic and tourist center has been derived in close association with our emphasis on historic preservation and the protection of architectural integrity and what preservationists call the fabric of the built environment.

Elements such as mass and articulation become what are known as defining elements, and we seek to replicate those in new construction in order to maintain a sense of the historic fabric while allowing the vitality of present economic conditions to succeed. 

​Yet, the business and political leadership of the City still often struggle to coexist in harmony with the demands of historic preservation. The continued vigilance for the factors that comprise our value and integrity as an historic town center remains a challenge of will, intellect, and patient collaboration with the interests of the public and private needs.

​In addition, much remains to be done as a proactive partner to the process. The Frederick Preservation Trust seeks to be that voice of the public interest in matters of preservation and historic components. We strive to advocate for and provide support for the renewal of the values and quality of our local preservation.

Once an historic property has been changed or removed, the fabric of the built environment has been altered, often in irrevocable ways.

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