Downtown Hotel and Meeting Space We are concerned with the City's initiative in facilitating the Hotel Advisory Team's efforts to identify a site for the development of a downtown hotel and meeting space. Proposed sites include locations with significant historic resources such as the Birely Tannery Structure, the last tie to Colonial Frederick's tanning industry in the city; and locations that will significantly obstruct Frederick's historic streetscapes and viewsheds of its clustered spires.

Endangered Historic Sites

Although our mission is to advocate on behalf of historic properties and sites in the City of Frederick, we are concerned with the public's awareness of all important historical properties and sites throughout Frederick County.  Accordingly, we designated Frederick Magazine's 10 Most-Endangered Historic Sites in Frederick for 2013, and continue to identify and research properties and sites and welcome the public's input.

The FPT has worked actively with the City staff and members of the Historic Preservation Commission to Designate Important Sites and Structures Outside the Downtown Historic District. We supported efforts to begin to address this loophole in historic preservation by advocating for the inclusion of key historic properties within localized protection zones. We have worked the creation of specialized guidelines for new designated properties and districts.

Coke Factory Building - did not succeed in designation.

Ceres Bethel AME Church - Obtained Grant to stabilize and mothball.

107 E. Fifth Street (Rose Cabin)  - demolished

Current and Past Initiatives